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Kurinbi outdoor gym established under BML community fund

Shahudha Mohamed
03 December 2020, MVT 14:12
Outdoor gym established at Kurinbi, Haa Dhaalu Atoll, under ‘Aharenge Bank’ Community Fund. PHOTO: BML
Shahudha Mohamed
03 December 2020, MVT 14:12

Bank of Maldives (BML) announced, on Wednesday, that its ‘Aharenge Bank’ Community Fund successfully assisted in financing the establishment of an outdoor gym in Kurinbi, Haa Dhaalu Atoll.

According to BML, the outdoor gym project was carried out by an NGO from the island, Kurinbi Youth Movement, led by an initiative from Adam Shazeem, with the aim of encouraging people to stay in good health.

The gym, built in the area of the island allocated for sports activities, features seven different outdoor equipment of which three were funded by the community fund.

“It is important that the projects submitted to the community fund are beneficial to the people of the island in the future. This gym is established with the equipment for the young and old of Kurinbi to maintain good health”, said BML Manager Public Relations Mohamed Saeed.

“Conducting activities to ensure the good health of the community is one of the most important parts of our CSR strategy”, he added, thanking everyone who contributed to the project.

Adam Shaneez, who pitched the project to BML community fund, stated that there were challenges for people to maintain an exercise routine since a special area was not allocated for exercising.

Therefore, he added that the aim was to assist heart patients, diabetics, people suffering from hypertension and other similar diseases in leading a healthier lifestyle.

During each quarter of the fiscal year, BML selects and allocates MVR 50,000 to five projects in the areas of education, environment, sports and community development under the Aharenge Bank Community Fund. In 2019, BML contributed MVR 1 million to support projects in 20 islands across Maldives.

For 2020, BML selected 20 projects across three proposal phases submitted before the phase two deadline of September 9.