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Abdul Majeed - innovative visionary behind Bison Maldives

“ Ensuring congenial living for the prosperity of future generations.” - Bison Maldives written by Ruby Amir

26 October 2021, MVT 10:32
Abdul Majeed - innovative visionary behind Bison Maldives
Abdul Majeed - innovative visionary behind Bison Maldives
Abdul Majeed - innovative visionary behind Bison Maldives
26 October 2021, MVT 10:32

A strategic, leading player in the resort and building construction sector of the Maldives close two decades of experience, Bison Maldives had its humble beginnings in 2002. The company has been the principal contractor for large investment ventures with its impressive portfolio of large-scale projects.

Abdul Majeed, the founder of Bison Maldives Group, at the helm of the company's success, had always had a streak of inventiveness. With his love for developing and creating, he had a good foundation during his tenure at NSS (National Security Services) and other enterprise ventures, with the connections and skills acquired. This proved to be instrumental in the beginnings of Bison to what it is at present day.

Bison Maldives strongly upholds its principles in promoting the synergy between ‘human’ and ‘environment’ to create rich living spaces that are comfortable and efficient. Their core business lies in developing turnkey resort projects in addition to extending consultation on project management services. Bison has branched out exponentially with a number of subsidiary businesses in addition to its core business.

Currently Bison Group Maldives, finalising undertaking resort development projects targeting overseas markets like Middle East , Africa and Sri Lanka.

Bison Trading handles the retail/wholesale business of Aluminium, glass products and Melwa steel products. Bison Travels specializes in inbound tours in the Maldives and operates Reveries Diving Village in Laamu Atoll. Bison International operates the Hameedia franchise in the Maldives, one of the leading men’s fashion apparel in neighbouring Sri-Lanka.

Moreover, Bison Food Supplies was launched in 2020 to cater for the growing business segment. Currently, the company has a strong manpower of over 250 employees, additionally giving opportunities through sub-contractors for 600 and above employees.

Earlier in 2018, Abdul Majeed has been selected as the Inspirational Leader of the Year, by Maldives Business Awards, in the category of Individual Excellence, and today, is a Honorary Consul of Georgia in the Maldives.

The calculated risks which Abdul Majeed took to growing his businesses proved to be beneficial, as the tourism sector co-exists with the construction sector. Majeed’s resilience in adapting to the growing needs of the high-end tourism market, shaped Bison to be the affluent organization that it is currently.

He believes that the success of the family-operated business is mainly the support system that encircles the corporate culture of the place. Driven, motivated employees, some of whom have had years of experience at Bison, contribute to the growth of the company.

The common goal is to ensure that the projects are successfully completed within the constraints of the best quality, delivering on time and with the possible minimum cost. He firmly believes that, “ the future is big, the future is bright, and you must always work to achieve greatness.”

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