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Nomination window for National Awards to be opened next week: Two new categories added this year

With two new categories introduced to the National Award, President's Office revealed that the window for nominations on National Awards will be opened on Tuesday.

Aishath Shuba Solih
19 April 2024, MVT 16:01
Commemorative plaque presented during the National Awards Ceremony: two additional categories have been introduced to the National Awards this year
Aishath Shuba Solih
19 April 2024, MVT 16:01

Application window for National Awards will be opened on Tuesday next week with two additional categories introduced to the award.

President's office said that the National Awards Committee has arranged procedures to accept nominations next Tuesday, further stating that the Committee has obtained views on the categories and criteria for the National Award from related institutions.

The President's Office stated that two new categories have been added to the National Award this year which includes Dhivehi Nationalism category and Longstanding Special Service category.

Criteria for Dhivehi Nationalism award

- Working to promote and maintain unity among Maldivians

- Striving to reinvigorate "Islamic and Maldivian culture and traditions" within Islamic standards

- Introduction of talents, crafts, knowledge and ideologies that facilitates basic survival, inhabitancy and citizenship of Maldivians Enrichment of basic values of Maldivians and the development of knowledge, ideologies, skills and craftsmanship that will facilitate settlement in Maldives

Criteria for Longstanding Special Service award

- Individual must have utilized a special skill consistently for a long time to provide a service recognized by the community in addition to special services provided to protect the state

- This category reviews the how the service was provided, the quality of service and duration of service provision.

The two awards granted as National Awards are the National Award of Honors and the National Award of Recognition.

Recipients of the National Award of Honors are presented with a commemorative shield, honors badges and a certificate while recipients of the National Award of Recognition are presented with a commemorative plaque and certificate.

The President's Office said that the awards will be presented at the official ceremony held on occasion of National Day.

This year, the Maldives National Day falls on September 4.

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