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Nine additional Deputy Ministers appointed, total reaches 72

Shafqa Abdulraheem
07 December 2023, MVT 13:49
President Muizzu, Vice President Hussain Mohamed Latheef and senior officials of the President's Office at an event held at the President's Office -- Photo: President's Office
Shafqa Abdulraheem
07 December 2023, MVT 13:49

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has appointed nine additional Deputy Ministers in his new government.

This marks the third time that President Muizzu's administration, which commenced on November 17, has appointed Deputy Ministers. The number of Deputy Ministers across 22 government ministries has now reached 72.

Newly appointed Deputy Ministers

1. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs – Ali Janah

2. Deputy Minister of Cities, Local Government and Public Works – Mohamed Arif

3. Deputy Minister of Homeland Security and Technology - Uza. Mariyam Shifana Ali Saleem

4. Deputy Minister of Finance - Hassan Miras

5. Deputy Minister of Education - Aminath Muna

6. Deputy Minister of Tourism - Ahmed Maais

7. Deputy Minister of Housing, Land and Urban Development – Ibrahim Aleem

8. Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Animal Welfare – Fathimath Zuhura

9- Deputy Minister of Youth Empowerment, Information and Arts – Uz. Abdulla Mahzoom Majid

A total of 72 Deputy Ministers have been appointed, with an additional 49 individuals appointed as State Ministers.

On behalf of President Muizzu before taking office, interim spokesperson Mohamed Firuzul said that the President had decided not to increase the number of political appointees to more than 700.

According to the budget presented to the Parliament by the previous administrations, under former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, there were 1,063 political appointees in the government. Prior to that, the number of political workers in the administration of former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom was 808.

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