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EU commends smooth and transparent election process

03 October 2023, MVT 16:49
Chief of Mission and Chief Observer of the EU Observation Mission to the Maldives, and member of Spain to the EU Parliament Nacho Sanchez Amor speaking at the press conference held after the first round of the presidential election.
03 October 2023, MVT 16:49

The European Union (EU) has said that the second round of the presidential election held last Saturday was conducted smoothly. They commended the Elections Commission (EC) for carrying out all election-related tasks with transparency.

The observers of the European Union met with the media in a press conference held at Hotel Jen yesterday.

During the press conference, Chief Observer Nacho Sanchez Amor said that things went peacefully and smoothly during the day of the election and noted that this increased public confidence about the election.

The Chief Observer highlighted that the EC had very little time to prepare for the second round and that arrangements were made at a time when the EC was also requested to conduct a public referendum about the system of government. He said there were no adverse impact on election arrangements despite this additional challenge.

"The Commission worked with professionalism and transparency, even during the second round," he said.

However, observers expressed concern about the extent of anti-campaign activities witnessed from both sides on social media and other platforms.

Following the first round of the election, EU observers had observed that the Elections Commission (EC) was unable to monitor the misuse of state resources for the ruling party's benefit close to election time, as well as the funds spent by candidates on campaigning.

Over 40 officials from the EU observed the elections across the Maldives during this year's presidential election.