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Foreign Minister Shahid visits Bulgaria

Lamya Abdulla
27 July 2021, MVT 22:34
Foreign Minister Shahid departs to Bulgaria on an official trip — Photo: Foreign Ministry
Lamya Abdulla
27 July 2021, MVT 22:34

Foreign Minister, President Elect of United Nation’s General Assembly Abdulla Shahid visits Bulgaria.

Foreign Ministry said Minister Shahid will meet Bulgaria’s Foreign Minister Svetlan Histrov Stoev during this official trip, with whom they will discuss developing the relationship between the two nations. Shahid will be in Bulgaria until Thursday.

Additionally, Shahid will meet their Tourism Minister and other high ranking government officials as well.

He will also be discussing matters as President-elect of the UN General Assembly during these meetings.

He had visited India as the President-elect of the UN last week, and met their Prime Minister Narendra Modi.