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Half of the Bangladeshi workers in Maldives need to be regulated

Lamya Abdulla
05 December 2021, MVT 14:51
(FILE) Bangladeshi workers queuing to register to leave Maldives due to unavailability of jobs in the pandemic, on August 9, 2020 -- Photo: Ahmed Awshan Ilyas / Mihaaru
Lamya Abdulla
05 December 2021, MVT 14:51

Bangladesh’s High Commissioner for Maldives Mohamed Nazmul Hassan said on Saturday that half of the Bangladeshi workers in Maldives are in the country without the right documentation.

There are over 100,000 Bangladeshi workers in Maldives.

According to Bangladeshi newspapers, High Commissioner Hassan said in a press conference held in the Bangladesh High Commission in Hulhumale’ that the mission was working to reach a solution on this matter. They have started to regulate and document the Bangladeshi workers as required by the Maldivian law, they said.

The commissioner’s words were in relation to Vice President Faisal Naseem’s statements on his recent trip to Bangladesh recently, where he stated discussions were in place to solve the issue of undocumented Bangladeshi migrants in Maldives.

“We have worked to bring a solution to the issue of Bangladeshi workers in Maldives over the past two years,” High Commissioner said.

“Lots of Bangladeshi workers lost their jobs because of the pandemic.”

Hussain said that it is likely that the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina may accept Maldives’ invitation to visit the archipelago and make the trip this month as well. He said that priority will be given to improve the business relations between the two nations in addition to regulating Bangladeshi migrants in Maldives when the Prime Minister visits.

“Approximately 100,000 Bangladeshi workers live in Maldives. Around 50,000 of them are not regulated,” Hassan said.

He noted the increase in crime amongst the Bangladeshi’s in Maldives as well. Some of them are in jail for crimes relating to drugs while others were convicted for crimes relating to assault or harassment of minors.

High Commissioner said they were currently working to send around 30 people back to Bangladesh.

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