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Dr. Muizzu promises housing for single individuals

Mohamed Rehan
29 September 2023, MVT 17:31
Dr. Mohamed Muizzu and his wife stop to click a few pictures with local youth at the event held on Thursday evening; at the event he promised affordable housing to young adults-- Photo: PPM
Mohamed Rehan
29 September 2023, MVT 17:31

Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and People's National congress (PNC) coalition candidate Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has promised affordable housing for single people under his presidency.

Speaking at a special event held at Champa Central on Thursday evening, September 28, Dr. Muizzu said that he was aware of the difficult living conditions of the youth.

Dr. Muizzu and his wife met with local youths aged between 18 and 23 years during the event.

The opposition coalition candidate said that candidates received higher scores if they are married and with kids, which he said would be revised if elected for presidency.

"I am proposing affordable housing for individuals once they turn 18, whether or not they are married," Dr. Muizzu, who had been the Minister of Housing for seven years said.

While giving details, Dr. Muizzu said that young adults will have the opportunity to apply individually or jointly for studio flats or studio apartments.

He also promised that the apartments will be priced at extensively cheap rates owing to lack of employment among young adults who turn 18.

"I wish to provide affordable housing for youngsters to help them build their lives. To have their own housing and stability," Dr. Muizzu said.

Speaking further, Dr. Muizzu said that he had two key policies for the youth to empower them which was to provide affordable housing and enhance their stability. He added that facilitating the two aspects would help the youth to excel.

The opposition candidate has a key manifesto policy to provide affordable housing for everyone during the first term of his presidency.

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