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HDC begins drawing lots to select those eligible for Vinares Flats

Mohamed Rehan
01 April 2023, MVT 12:35
Vinares Flats; a total of 10 13-storey buildings with 1,344 apartments were developed under the project-- Photo: Fayaz Moosa/Mihaaru
Mohamed Rehan
01 April 2023, MVT 12:35

The Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has begun drawing lots to select eligible buyers from the applicants with equal points.

The HDC said that it had filtered through the applications and removed the forms where the names of individuals appeared in more than one form as a main applicant and co-applicant. They also removed repeat applications from spouses who had applied separately for the flats and signed to waive one of the applications.

Earlier, HDC said that applicants who waived off their applications and resubmitted them would not receive a second chance after the permanent list had been released.

After the draw to select winning applicants, HDC will begin collecting booking fees and will offer the buyers the opportunity to choose apartments, which will commence according to the finalised list.

The Vinares Flat project includes 10 13-storey towers with a total of 1,344 apartments. The housing scheme was opened for Malé citizens and residents living in Malé for more than 15 years.

Apartments in the Vinares Flat will be sold for between MVR 2.5 and MVR 2.7 million.

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