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Massive ghost net collected from Mendhoo

Two members from the Stand Up for Our Seas team successfully removed a 200-kg ghost net during the beach clean up of Mendhoo island.

Mariyam Malsa
24 February 2019, MVT 19:59
Stand Up of Our Seas carrying out a clean-up in Mendhoo. PHOTO: JAMES APPLETON PHOTOGRAPHY
Mariyam Malsa
24 February 2019, MVT 19:59

The Stand Up for Our Seas team, on Saturday, paddled five kilometres to reach the island of Mendhoo, a recognised nesting site for Green Turtles and Hawksbill Turtles.

The team including, support members, collected litter throughout the island, most notably removing a ghost net weighing 200 kilograms from the beach.

A ghost net collected by the Stand Up for Our Seas team. PHOTO: JAMES APPLETON PHOTOGRAPHY/ STAND UP FOR OUR SEAS

Discarded fishing gear such as nets, long lines or fish traps which are left to drift with the currents can trap and kill sea creatures, thereby posing a significant threat to marine life.

Retiring for the day, the environmentalists spent the night aboard a boat docked near Dusit Thani Maldives, the 5-star resort scheduled as the next stop for the team on their journey across Baa Atoll.

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