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Former presidents request to exercise voting rights and vote without delay

Former presidents urge the people to refrain from delaying to vote until the last minute and set out to cast their ballots as early as possible.

Aishath Shuba Solih
21 April 2024, MVT 16:45
Former President, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, former President, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and former President Mohamed Nasheed casting their votes at the parliamentary elections. --
Aishath Shuba Solih
21 April 2024, MVT 16:45

Former Presidents of the Republic of Maldives has implored the people to exercise their voting rights and set out to cast their ballots without delay.

The 20th parliamentary election was begun today at 08:00 hrs in the morning. While voting will commence until 17: 30 in the evening, Elections Commission (EC) has stated that not a single extra minute will be spared after the deadline.

Former President, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had cast his ballot at 08:30 in the morning. He met with the media while stepping outside from the polling station and emphasized the importance of all citizens exercising their lawful right of casting their votes.

Former President, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih casting his vote this morning. -- Photo: Fayaz Moosa / Mihaaru News

Solih had urged the people to set out to vote without delay, further assuring with confidence that Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) will secure majority of the parliament's seats this time as well.

Former President Mohamed Nasheed had also spoken to journalists after he had cast his ballot. Nasheed had also similarly appealed to the people to vote early without delaying the process until the last minute.

Former President, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom had cast his ballot at 11:00 in the morning.

Gayoom had requested for the polls to be concluded with peace and integrity, further entreating as many people as possible to vote in the election.

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu had voted in the morning, shortly after the voting was begun. Former President Abdulla Yameen has also cast his vote this afternoon.