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Govt needs parliament majority to escape from MDP's 'nuisance': Abdul Raheem

Abdul Raheem Abdulla has stated that MDP is a huge 'nuisance' to the people of the country and reiterated that in order to escape this menace, the candidates who share the visions of the government must be elected for the parliament.

Aishath Shuba Solih
20 April 2024, MVT 09:55
Special Advisor to the President, Abdul Raheem Abdulla speaking at the campaign event held in Fuvahmulah. -- Photo: People's National Congress
Aishath Shuba Solih
20 April 2024, MVT 09:55

Special Advisor to the President Abdul Raheem Abdulla stated that Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) is a huge obstruction to the country's development and declared that the current administration must be conferred majority of the parliament to escape from their 'nuisance'.

Speaking at the campaign event for election candidates fielded under the ruling party, People's National Congress (PNC)'s ticket, Abdul Raheem Abdulla, who is also the chairperson of the party, stated that Maldives cannot remain within the conflict between political leaders during a time when the people's nation is being built.

He asserted that Maldivians cannot destroy themselves within the quarrel of political leaders and emphasized that is needed are sincere leaders who will end discrimination. He stated that therefore, electing state affiliated and PNC candidates during the parliamentary polls held this Sunday is a necessity.

Abdul Raheem remarked that building the 'People's Maldives" is great hope and declared that it is an independent nation of Maldivians. He highlighted that the country in this vision will establish equality and fairness for each civilian and that the biggest cooperation required for all of this is from within the parliament.

PNC candidates, supporters and the President at the campaign event held in Fuvahmulah. -- Photo: People's National Congress

Recalling that the presidential elections had proven that the opposition cannot succeed while making contradictory speeches, Abdul Raheem had insisted that the space to brainwash the people and disrupt the tranquility of the people's nation must not be provided.

"MDP is a huge nuisance to the people of Maldives. A significant hurdle the country's independence. A huge barrier to the country's development. As such, a people's leader must be appointed to the parliament in order to destroy these barriers, overcome these hurdles and escape this nuisance to establish a government of the people's nation," he remarked, speaking at the event held in Fuvahmulah's Hafiz Ahmed School.

He recalled that they had taken to the streets to oppose the government day and night during the past five years with only five to six people and noted that they were in a very difficult state back then. He further stated that the course of events during that period is transparently evident and that the people who strived to maintain the PPM/PNC vision is very clear.

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu and his wife, Sajidha Mohamed at the campaign event held in Fuvahmulah. -- Photo: People's National Congress

However, he questioned where the people who were protesting on the streets back then are at present.

"Where are the people who took to the streets with us today, are any of them seen beside the opposition; none of them are. The bombers and other such people and other such felons are the people there. There is no one who is true to the country," Abdul Raheem alleged.

"I am talking about this because I am trying to be loyal to the country. If satisfying changes are to be brought to the country, people who holds the government's views must be appointed to the parliament."

Abdul Raheem stated that many years have passed since the people of Fuvahmulah have been waiting for development. He further asserted that the changes that were failed to be brought during the past five years has now been completed within the last five months without any discrimination between smaller and larger islands.