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MDFA has reissued permit for Panadol use and distribution

MDFA has revised the ban on Panadol which was restricted due to quality issues. The authority has permitted the distribution and import of Panadol today following reassessments conducted on the medicine's efficiency.

Aishath Shuba Solih
22 February 2024, MVT 13:27
Panadol tablets
Aishath Shuba Solih
22 February 2024, MVT 13:27

After assessing the safety of the medicine, Maldives Food and Drug Authority (MFDA) has reissued permission for the usage of Panadol medicine today.

In the alert released by the Authority, it was disclosed that the results of the investigation conducted into quality fluctuation of the 500 milligram Panadol medicine has been received. MDFA has shared that the report had revealed an absence of the appropriate strength required in the “Panadol” brand.

The drug authority had remarked that this fluctuation was caused by failure to uphold the standards in medicine transport and storage, as far as they have noticed. MDFA has assured that the Panadol batch with quality issues has been removed from the market.

One of the most heavily used medicines in Maldives is Panadol. MFDA had restricted the importation of this medicine on the 30th of last month after some samples procured from the market presented signs of dissolvement and chipping around the edges. The authority had banned the sale of these tablets until further notice.

However, after further consideration and inspections, these measures have been alleviated.

“Therefore, we are publicly announcing that the sale and use of this medicine has been permitted as previously practiced, effective today,” the alert stated.

MDFA has informed medicine suppliers and retailers of the standard procedures for medicine transfer from one place to the other in order to ensure the safety of the medicine and to prevent repetition of such issues.

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