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Historic wins in the widely popular Ooredoo "Mas race"

05 September 2023, MVT 18:16
05 September 2023, MVT 18:16

The Ooredoo "Mas Race" held this year stands out as a remarkable event compared to previously held competitions in this series.

This year marked the first time that the fishing competition was conducted in three regions outside Malé. A total of 74 teams participated in the competition, showing fierce competition and exceptional fishing skills among women, men, and youth.


According to Ooredoo, a historic moment in the competition was the first-ever capture of a Sailfish (Hibaru). "Bulhi Kendi," the champion team, and the runner-up team, "Latti," both of whom participated in the competition held in Kulhudhuffushi, accomplished this feat by catching a total of three sailfish, setting a record.

Two teams which participated in the competition also managed to catch the "Kattelhi" or promethean escolar, a fish that lives at the deepest depths of the sea. The champions from Addu, "Fehurihi," and the champions from Fuvahmulah, "Reef Riders," were the teams that successfully caught this fish.


The heaviest fish, caught in the Malé region was a Giant Trevally weighing at 17.54 kilograms caught by Team "Sony Fishing". In Kulhudhuffushi, Team "Bulhi Kendi" secured the record with a sailfish weighing 25.85 kg. The heaviest fish caught in Addu was 5.5 kg Wahoo (Kurumas), while in Fuvahmulah, an 8 kg Ruby took the title.

"Sony Fishing" took the champions title from the Malé region, while "Bulhikendi" took the title in Kulhudhuffushi, "Reef Riders" in Fuvahmulah, and "Fehurihi" in Addu.


The participants of the competition noted that holding the competition outside Malé was a major development.

Ooredoo said that this year's competition was the most exciting and successful one to date, expressing joy in encouraging people of all genders and ages to participate in fishing.

Ooredoo Mas Race took place on August 4, 11, 18, and 25.

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