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Approximately 500 students granted loans for pilot training

Anaan Bushry
07 June 2023, MVT 09:46
Higher Eduction Minister Dr. Ibrahim Hassan speaks at a press conference held at the President's Office. -- Photo: President's Office
Anaan Bushry
07 June 2023, MVT 09:46

Approximately 500 students have been granted the opportunity to pursue pilot training through government loans. This initiative represents the largest number of students to receive such an opportunity in a single sector.

Earlier in February, a total of 1,507 applicants applied for 720 loan opportunities for higher education within the country and abroad. However, in a bid to accommodate as many students as possible, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has made the decision to provide loans to all 1,225 students who meet the criteria for higher education loans.

During a press conference at the President's Office, Higher Education Minister Dr. Ibrahim Hassan highlighted that the loan opportunities in various sectors were expanded this year to accommodate growing demand for higher education and ensure students have access to financial support.

Out of hundreds of applications submitted, 479 qualified students have been selected to pursue pilot training through the loan program

"Allowing a record number of students to study piloting would bring about a positive change in the aviation industry. There will be long-term benefits for the nation," the Minister stated.

"The benefits of this policy will be realized in the future. The outcomes of our efforts to empower individuals will not be immediate. The government's objective in nurturing its youth is to create a brighter future for the nation," he added.

Apart from piloting, the field of medicine emerged as another highly sought-after sector for higher education loans. Initially, 55 slots were allocated for MBBS studies, but due to the high number of eligible students, a total of 133 students were granted loans in this field.