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India dominates source market list with over 100k arrivals

Mohamed Rehan
12 June 2022, MVT 13:59
Tourist Arrivals
Mohamed Rehan
12 June 2022, MVT 13:59

Tourist arrivals from India to Maldives has reached 104,800 as of June 8.

According to the most recent updates from Ministry of Tourism, Indian market continues to dominate the source market list of the island nation's tourism industry.

The total tourist arrivals to Maldives was recorded at 732,884 as of the review date, which is a 56.5 percent increment in annual arrivals compared to the same period in 2021.

In 2021 during the same period the total tourist arrivals stood at 468,387.

However, tourist arrivals for the review period was still 6.2 percent below pre-pandemic levels in 2019 during which it stood at 780,931 - though the difference gap has constricted.

The daily arrival average so far in June stood at 4,603 while the average duration of stay in annual terms so far in 2022 stood at 8.2 days.

While India continues to dominate the source market list, United Kingdom is ranked second with 90,394 annual arrivals and Russia is ranked third with 70,212 annual arrivals.

Germany is ranked fourth with 62,950 annual arrivals and Italy is ranked fifth with 46,111 arrivals so far in 2022.

As of the latest reviewed date a total of 24 international airlines are operating to the Maldives.

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