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President requests Bangladeshi medical team to join 'Covid-19 Dhifaau' campaign

03 March 2021, MVT 15:00
03 March 2021, MVT 15:00

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih requested assistance from Bangladeshi healthcare professionals for Maldives' vaccination campaign "Covid-19 Dhifaau".

The President's request was conveyed by Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdulla Shahid to his counterpart, when he visited Dhaka, Bangladesh from February 10 to 11.

Upon his request, 23 healthcare professionals from Bangladesh Air Force are set to arrive on Wednesday, March 3. The team comprises of 11 nurses, 10 medical assistants and an anesthesiologist who will collaborate with local healthcare professions

The team will be in Maldives for a period of two months, during which they will be deployed in Male' City, regional hospitals and healthcare centres across the country.

President's Office stated that the Bangladeshi team’s input will prove highly useful to the inoculation drive as it will enable migrant workers, many of whom come from Bangladesh, to overcome linguistic barriers that might get in the way of them accessing vaccination facilities.

President Solih said on multiple occasions that the government will ensure the COVID-19 vaccine is equally accessible to all citizens and expatriates alike. That includes both documented and undocumented workers as well.

Maldives vaccinated the first batch of migrant workers under its vaccine drive on February 24. As of 2200hrs March 2, the country has provided 123,665 individuals with the first dose of vaccine.