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134 cases of violence against children lodged in Dec 2019: Gender Ministry

Nafaahath Ibrahim
30 January 2020, MVT 09:27
The cases of child sexual abuse cases reported in January 2020, by the 26th. IMAGE: NISHAN ALI & FATHMATH SHAAHUNAZ / THE EDITION
Nafaahath Ibrahim
30 January 2020, MVT 09:27

Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services revealed that the ministry received and looked into a total of 283 cases in December 2019, of which 134 were about violence against children.

According to statistics publicised by the ministry last Tuesday, cases of violence against children included 66 cases of negligence, 27 cases of sexual abuse, 15 cases of physical abuse and 14 cases of emotional abuse.

Furthermore, 17 cases of child rights violations were reported and attended to. Among these were seven cases of refusal to vaccinate children, six cases of refusal of access to education, two cases of denial of birth registration, one case of violating right to health care and medication, and one case of forced child marriage.

Gender Ministry also revealed that within this period, 30 cases of family issues were brought to their notice, of which 20 cases regarded custody, nine cases were concerning parenting issues and a single case regarding child maintenance.

Meanwhile, a total of nine cases of children in conflict with the law were attended, with the nature of the cases involving disobedience, drug use, vandalism and damage to properties.

Additionally, the ministry received and attended to 13 cases of behavioural problems of children, of which seven were cases of children running away.

According to the ministry, 44 cases of gender based violence and domestic violence were reported last month. The most frequent cases were forms of physical abuse, of which 18 cases were reported. Other cases from this category involve 11 cases of emotional or verbal abuse, six cases of intimidation, two cases of negligence, two cases of rape, one case of sexual abuse, one case of stalking, one case of sexual harassment, one case of withholding or damage to property, and one case of controlling behaviour.

Moreover, the ministry received and looked into 33 cases of care and support for elderly people and persons with disabilities. Reports include 27 cases regarding care and support to persons with disabilities and six cases related to care and support to the elderly.

Among the suicidal behaviour and thoughts category, three cases were reported and attended to in December.

The Gender Ministry recently came under fire as news of a toddler being sexually abused by members of her family spread across the country. As a slew of child sexual abuse cases came to light in the wake of the first case, members of the public heavily criticised the administration and questioned the competency of the ministry with regards to ensuring the safety and welfare of children.