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MET forecasts strong winds in Central and Northern Atolls

09 June 2019, MVT 21:02
Rain in capital city Male'. PHOTO: MIHAARU.
09 June 2019, MVT 21:02

Maldives Meteorological Service (MET) announced on Sunday that the central and northern atolls of Maldives are set to experience strong winds, typical of the Southwest Monsoon, locally dubbed 'Hulhangu'.

According to the traditional seasonal calendar of Maldives, the country is currently in the midst of 'Miahelli', the fifth 'Nakaiy' (division) of the Hulhangu Monsoon, noted for storms, rough seas and strong westerly winds.

Experts record winds to be at a norm of between 15 and 25 miles per hour at present. However, MET expects wind speeds to rise up to 50 to 55 miles per hour during rain showers.

Director of Meteorological Service Ahmed Rasheed informed local media ‘Mihaaru’ that the forecast of strong winds in central and northern atolls are likely to continue for the following three days.

Further, seas are expected to be generally rough in the central and northern regions while in the South it is predicted to be moderate, becoming rough during showers.

According to Rasheed, it is not unusual for wind speeds to increase up to 50 miles per hour during the Southwest Monsoon.

Though notable, the figure far from the strongest windspeeds recorded in Maldives, which is 103 miles per hour, as recorded in 1991 at Gan, Seenu Atoll.

MET further stated that the entire archipelago will likely experience rain continuously across the next two to three days. Nevertheless, southern regions are not expected to be faced with strong winds.