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Ministry warns Thinadhoo school staff over protests

12 March 2018, MVT 00:55
Parents of Abu Bakur School pictured during the protest.
12 March 2018, MVT 00:55

The education ministry on Sunday warned two employees of Abu Bakur School in Gaafu Dhaal atoll Thinadhoo island, who had led staff protests over lack of salary increments. They were warned not to engage in such activities in the future.

Apart from Abu Bakur School, the administrative staff of some other schools in the country had also taken part in the protest staged on March 1, complaining over the lack in salary increments and other pay related issues. To display solidarity with the protest, admin staff in the schools had gone to work dressed in black attire.

Mihaaru understands that though all the administrative staff of Abu Bakur School had been a part of the protest, only the two employees that had led the protest were warned by the ministry.

The staff and parents of Abu Bakur School had taken to protest on Sunday, claiming that the ministry had decided to sack the employees that were involved in the protest. Parents of the school’s students had gathered around the school vicinity, protesting against the move while teachers went on strike.

The protest named “Admin Black Day” was held to display the grievances of administrative staff of schools, after the Ministry of Education failed to increase their salary as promised three years ago. They also complained that, when civil servants had recently received a pay rise, the administrative staff of schools did not receive a significant increase.

Furthermore they also complained that the qualification allowance was denied to the administrative staff of schools while their pay scale was also considerably lower compared to other offices.