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Worldwide updates on tourism and travel rules amid Omicron

Mohamed Rehan
06 December 2021, MVT 11:14
A general view shows visitors to the Berlin town hall (Rote Rathaus) Christmas market near Alexanderplatz in Berlin on December 5, 2021. - Germany last week announced tougher Covid curbs, including requiring people to prove they are vaccinated, cured or have recently tested negative for the virus before they can travel on public transport or go into the workplace. -- Photo: Odd Andersen / AFP
Mohamed Rehan
06 December 2021, MVT 11:14

The coronavirus variant B.1.1.529, more popularly now known as the Omicron has once again dented the global travel and tourism industry just when it started making strong headway towards recovery.

The latest updates on travel restrictions across the globe confirm that Germany has imposed a national lockdown, announced on Thursday, 02nd December 2021 while the country's leaders imposed a mandatory vaccination plan that will roll out in the coming months.

As such, unvaccinated people will be banned from accessing all but the essential businesses such as supermarkets and pharmacies. Bars and nightclubs in areas with incidence rate above 350 cases per 100,000 people over one week have been forced to shut down.

Germany currently has one of the lowest vaccination rates in Western Europe with just 68.4% of the country's population fully vaccinated so far according to European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

On the other hand, the country also has reported a record-breaking number of cases regarding the new Covid-19 variant. On Wednesday, 01st December, the country has reported 446 related deaths, which is also the highest number of daily deaths in nine months.

Meanwhile, Greece has announced its own mandatory vaccinations plans for people aged over 60, which will become effective mid-January 2022.

Furthermore, the United States has also announced its new travel rules, which has already been deemed controversial. The Biden administration announced their new restrictions barring arrivals from eight nations in Southern Africa, which has resulted in travelers unexpectedly getting stranded.

According to the new travel rules, all inbound travelers are required to test within a day of departure for the United States which becomes effective from 06th December, and will be applied to everyone regardless of their nationality or vaccination status.

However, there are several destinations that have recently reopened their international 'doors' welcoming travelers – some of these countries include


This island situated in Melanesia, Oceania is a prime tourist hot-spot due to its natural tropical vibes and crystal-clear waters. The island opened its international gateways for tourists on 01st December following a successful nationwide vaccine rollout.


The country had reopened its 3,400-year old Avenue of the Sphinxes on 25th November during a grand ceremony. The Avenue of the Sphinxes is a prime tourist attraction in the country, and the decision to reopen the avenue would mean a prospective outlook on international tourism.


The country has been closed to everyone except its citizens and residents since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the country's government effectively approved allowing vaccinated inbound travelers, effective from 01st November onward.

Melbourne, Australia

While the entirety of the country may not resonate same results, the state of Victoria in Melbourne opened its borders for potential tourists on 01st November due to a high vaccination total in the area.


The tourism heavy southeast Asian destination is now welcoming travelers with a quarantine-free travel policy for vaccinated travelers from over 40 countries.


This southeast Asian country in the Indochinese Peninsula is expected to reopen their Siem Reap, a historically significant city in the country as well as the famous Angkor Wat temple for visitors, in January 2022.


The South American country, closest to Antarctica in the continent and borders Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and the Drake Passage, has a sustained tourism industry which has experienced growth in the past few decades. Some of the top tourist attractions include the Elqui Valley and the scenic Valparaiso city. Chile officially announced opening its borders for tourists on 01st October, which remains effective

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