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Bus Services Launched for Finland International School and Billabong High Students

Anaan Bushry
28 November 2023, MVT 14:38
Billabong High Principal receives students arriving in the bus service launched by Islanders Education.-- Photo: Islanders Education
Anaan Bushry
28 November 2023, MVT 14:38

Islanders Education, the organization overseeing Finland International School and Billabong High International School, has initiated a transportation solution for students through the introduction of bus services.

The bus service, in collaboration with AMU Construction, operates between Male' and Hulhumale'. Islanders highlighted the experience of AMU Construction in delivering reliable bus services as a key factor in this venture.

Responding to the growing number of students commuting from Hulhumale' to the two schools, Islanders Education expressed the intention to address transportation challenges faced by students residing in Hulhumale'. The company stated that the service ensures the safety of students during boarding and disembarking, with police and traffic police overseeing these processes.

Islanders Education stated that the introduced service aims to facilitate the transportation needs of students both residing and studying in Hulhumale'. The company outlined the convenience it brings to students attending their schools and those aspiring to enroll.

With two or three daily bus trips planned, Islanders Education shared that scheduling considerations prioritize efficient time management, student safety, and timely arrival at school. The company, in an official statement, underscored the meticulous planning involved in establishing these routes.

Acknowledging the role of parental support, Islanders Education expressed gratitude for the successful launch of the service, which required cooperation from parents. To avail of the bus service, interested individuals are required to register, and registration facilities are conveniently accessible at the school's administrative office.