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Photo Story: the harbour brings a different image from Dharanboodhoo

29 March 2023, MVT 22:36
A child on a scooter on Faafu atoll Dharanboodhoo Harbour -- Photo: Vishau Zareer / Mihaaru
29 March 2023, MVT 22:36

Faafu atoll Dharanboodhoo renewed their harbour after their older one was deemed too small for the increasing demand, and also to increase accessibility to the newer models of sea vessels.

Dharanboodhoo is an island with a population of nearly 500. Even though the population is small, it is a peaceful island -- Photo: Vishau Zareer / Mihaaru

The renewed harbour, with a whole new design, came with a reclaimed strip of land between the sea wall and the harbour, that has lead to an increase of young children utilizing it for recreational activities.

Boys from Dharanboodhoo skating: this is a frequent recreational past time for the children of Dharanboodhoo -- Photo: Vishau Zareer / Mihaaru
Kids skating on Dharanboodhoo Harbour: the harbour work of the island has been completed now -- Photo: Vishau Zareer / Mihaaru
A child in Dharanboodhoo roller-skating; the reclaimed land near the harbour has become an area to spend recreational time with for Dharanboodhoo locals -- Photo: Vishau Zareer / Mihaaru

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