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Maldives provides a stunning backdrop for Malayalam movie 'Christy'

18 March 2023, MVT 09:47
A shot of Malavika Mohanan (L), the actress playing Christy, with a Maldivian woman in the movie Christy --
18 March 2023, MVT 09:47

The Malayalam movie 'Christy,' released in February, is based on a story about a grade 12 student in an Indian village who falls for a teacher he took tutoring classes with.

While their relationship started as a friendship when the tutoring began, when the male lead character Roy (portrayed by Matthew Thomas) goes to confess his feelings to his teacher Christy Joseph (portrayed by Malavika Mohanan), he finds out Christy got a job in the Maldives and was preparing to leave. This was to be a teacher at Alifu Dhaalu atoll Dhangethi school.

Christy's arrival in the Maldives is shown with the song 'Mali Pattu' in the movie. The song shows Christy's life as a teacher in Dhangethi, along with the island people of Dhangethi, in addition to the beaches and the rural landscape of the island in the central Maldives.

A shot of Malavika Mohanan (L), the actress playing Christy teaching in Maldives

The song begins when Roy is unable to contact Christy, and he looks up the island on his computer after he gets home from school.

Later, on Roy's birthday, Christy returns to India. The two also developed a great rapport.

Towards the end of the movie, Roy goes to the airport with Christy to go to the Maldives; but a problem there makes Christy angry with him.

They both arrived in the Maldives on a VillaAir 'Flyme' plane, and during the scenes inside the Mamigili airport, Christy pretends as if she does not know Roy, so he was alone.

A shot of a FlyMe plane in the South Indian movie Christy

The film shows Roy crying at Mamigili Airport and a group of local employees working there trying to see what happened to him. When Roy narrates what happened, an employee goes and asks Christy if she knows him. But against her heart, Christy reiterates that she does not know him.

Later, while Roy is in pain over this, an airport staff member assists him while he's there.

However, Roy has no way to go with Christy or go back to India. The film ends when Christy, unable to bear what Roy was going through, talks to the airport management to arrange for Roy to return to India.

The film marks the directorial debut of Indian director Alvin Harry. The film is based on a real-life incident that happened in 2007.

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