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MTCC trains 43 bus drivers under their Hunavaru program

Anaan Bushry
30 June 2022, MVT 12:34
One of the trainees receiving certificate of completion from MTCC's CEO Adam Azim -- Photo: Nishan Ali
Anaan Bushry
30 June 2022, MVT 12:34

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) has trained 43 bus drivers which include 4 females under their “Hunavaru“ program. In addition to bus drivers, six assistant site supervisors and three marine mechanics completed the training program.

A grand ceremony was held in order to award the participants who completed the training with certificates.

The purpose of the 'Hunavaru' program is to train and build Maldivians for technical jobs in various fields. The program, which was launched four years ago in 2018, is scheduled to be conducted every quarter from this year onwards. Currently, 32 people are completing their training program.

MTCC Ceo, Adam Azim speaking at the ceremony -- Photo: Nishan Ali

The objectives of the program include building experienced Maldivians in the job market and disseminate people to different sectors, and providing opportunities for those interested in the company's jobs across the country. In particular, it provides opportunities for women in various fields and equips them with technical skills.

At the ceremony, the CEO of MTCC Adam Azim said that this was the first time they have had this many participants in their program.

"Even if the the individual has a criminal record he will be eligible for employment if he has finished serving the sentence. However, if the company's principles and guidelines are violated, then working at MTCC would not be an option for the individual," said Azim, who previously played a key role in the management of State Trading Organization (STO) and Maldives Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC).

MTCC Hunavaru program certification ceremony -- Photo: Nishan Ali

In his speech, he appealed to the newly trained employees to serve with love and affection.

Participants of the "Hunavaru" program will be working at sites that involve work related to their specialized training fields. The participants are trained by experienced employees trained at MTCC.

MTCC has confirmed employment for trainees after completing the three month program where trainees received an allowance of MVR 5,000 per month during this period.

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