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No plans to lockdown Maldives again: Minister Naseem

Lamya Abdulla
29 June 2022, MVT 18:04
(FILE) Health Minister Ahmed Naseem in the parliament on April 13, 2022: Minister Naseem said that for the sake of the economy, it is time that we learned how to live with Covid, while speaking in parliament on Wednesday -- Photo: Parliament
Lamya Abdulla
29 June 2022, MVT 18:04

Health Minister Ahmed Naseem said on Wednesday that there were no plans to put Maldives under lockdown again despite increased Covid cases in the country.

Answering a question addressed to him in parliament by member Abduilla Jabir, representative for the Kaashidhoo constituency, he said imposing a lockdown was not something the government wished to do.

He said, for the sake of the economy, we have to learn how to live with coronavirus.

"My advice is that everyone to act with care. Even if you take masks down with people who are close to you, it is better to keep up your mask when in public," he had said in Dhivehi.

Covid cases started to increase mid June after a long period of record low cases. Health Protection Agency (HPA)'s statistics show that 1,202 people had tested positive for Covid from June 19 to June 25, a significant increase from the 405 cases recorded the previous week.

Planned activities such as firework shows to celebrate Eid-ul Al'haa has been cancelled. Eid-ul Al'haa falls on Saturday, July 9.