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Join the Coral Club at Baros Maldives

Join the Coral Club at Baros Maldives. By Aminath Ishrath

Ribakova Elena
14 October 2021, MVT 10:45
Coral Club at Baros Maldives
Ribakova Elena
14 October 2021, MVT 10:45

Located in North Male’ atoll, Baros Maldives is just 25 minutes away from the international airport and boasts some of the richest and healthiest house reefs in the area.

With resident hawksbill turtles making regular appearances, snorkelling this reef is a must-do for guests on the island. The best part is that you do not need a boat ride for this. Instead, wade into the lagoon and the reef is just 20 metres away!

While they are home to one of the best house reefs in the area, Baros is also doing their part to combat climate change by sustaining and reviving the reef. One of the initiatives that have really taken off at the marine centre of the island is their coral cube planting program focused on contributing to the reef so that the environment remains thriving.

The marine biologists on the island have created innovative cement coral cubes to which broken coral pieces are reattached while alive and planted in areas of the reef where they stand a good survival rate.

Over time, the coral grows on and around the cube, adding to the lush gardens that they are already surrounded by. This is an exceptional experience for guests looking to leave a bit of a sustainable imprint during their vacation and gives a great reason to travel back and see how your coral cube is doing.

These cubes are formed from reusable wooden moulds and do not involve any materials that are harmful to the natural environment. As a new coral propagation experiment to contribute to an already rich and healthy house reef, the best part about this is the involvement of the guests and the first-hand knowledge you will receive from the marine biologists while snorkelling the reef together.

Who knows? You may come across turtle Parsley, who resides on the house reef and loves to come out and say hi to those snorkelling by. Or you may bump into Bonthi, one of the friendliest turtles who hangs out mostly behind the water villas.

Either way, it is an exceptional experience that is both fun and educational.

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