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Muni Homecare Launches Year-End Sale: Weekly Prizes & Discounts!

Rabeeha Amir
28 November 2023, MVT 13:02
Muni Homecare.
Rabeeha Amir
28 November 2023, MVT 13:02

Muni Homecare has launched its much-anticipated annual 'Year-End Sale,' featuring a range of enticing prizes and discounts for customers.

Throughout the sale, customers can avail themselves of various special offers and discounts, with the chance for one fortunate shopper to win a valuable prize specifically chosen for patrons of Muni Homecare shops.

As part of the promotion, customers can receive a complimentary sack for every purchase of 10 sacks of ultra-bound premium tile cement. Additionally, the sale includes a generous 40% discount on kitchen cabinets and coffee tables.

Discounts of up to 40% are extended to an array of products, including bedroom sets, sofa sets, and sanitary ware available at the venue. Muni Homecare aims to facilitate affordable household item purchases for the New Year, covering not only furniture but also a diverse range of home decor products.

To enhance the shopping experience, the promotion offers complimentary installment and delivery services for all purchased items. The sale is set to run until the end of the upcoming month, providing customers with ample time to take advantage of these exciting offers.

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