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Action against Sheikh Farish after reviewing additional information: Minister

Mohamed Rehan
07 December 2023, MVT 13:23
Zamzam Farish; the Arabiyya School teacher denies allegations, stating the accusations were made to frame him--
Mohamed Rehan
07 December 2023, MVT 13:23

Minister of Education Dr. Ismail Shafeeu has said that action against Arabiyya School teacher Zamzam Farish would be taken only after assessing additional information on the matter.

The teacher faces multiple allegations of sexual harassment towards students of Arabiyya School.

The teacher's case was submitted for investigation to Maldives Police Service, on November 8, during the previous government led by former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Although the investigation report of police was submitted to the ministry four days before the government change, the former Minister of Education Dr. Aishath Ali ended her tenure without taking actions against Farish in light of police investigation.

The preliminary action against employees on allegations of sexual abuse or harassment, is suspension.

After Mihaaru News inquired why the government has not taken any action against the alleged teacher despite a month after the case had been reported, the current Minister replied that action would follow only after additional information was acquired.

The teacher has denied the allegations on several occasions, and countered that the accusations were aimed to tarnish his reputation.

Farish also said that, despite allegations of sexual harassment being fast-track cases, he has not been approached by any relevant authority for questioning.

"Even I got to know about it through media. When such a case has been present for such a duration, at least any one of these agencies should question me by now, right? While allegations are made that I had harassed multiple students, I have never been interrogated by anyone. No one informed me about a case submitted against me either," Farish said while speaking to Mihaaru News last Friday.

The teacher was previously suspended from work after he publicly criticized a declaration issued by the former President Solih. However, Employment Tribunal last year held his suspension was unlawful and demanded for his reinstatement.

Before his previous suspension, Farish was summoned by authorities for advisory purposes.