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Raysut Maldives introduces two new cement brands

08 March 2021, MVT 19:28
Raysut employee seen working during the process of cement manufacture.
08 March 2021, MVT 19:28

Raysut Maldives Cement Pvt. Ltd has introduced two new additional cement brands to the Maldivian market.

The new products are OPC 42.5 N grade cement and Sulfate Resistant Cement (SRC Cement).

OPC 42 N grade cement is intended for use in small and medium scale construction projects. Rated between MPa 51 to 47, the OPC 42.5 N grade cement will be available in 50 kilogram bags and 100 kilogram bags.

Meanwhile SRC Cement Jetty will be ideal for construction projects in the vicinity of fresh or salt water. It is utilised around the world to build structures such as water bungalows, sewerage treatment plants, desalination plants and harbours.

Both of the aforementioned cement types are now available from Raysut Maldives for wholesale or retail purposes.

RCC CEO Joey Ghose stated that a total of three grades of cement were available in Maldives following the introduction of the new brands, enabling customers the opportunity to select quality materials.

He went on to express hopes of unveiling more products to the Maldivian market in the future.

In addition to the OPC 42 N grade cement and Sulfate Resistant Cement, Raysut Maldives also supplies OPC 42.5R cement.

Raysut Maldives is a joint venture overseen by the State Trading Organization (STO) and Oman’s largest cement manufacturer, Raysut Cement Company (RCC).

RCC began supplying cement to the Maldivian market in 1999. The company, annually manufactures 10 million tonnes of cement from production sites in Oman, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).