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MP Rozaina advocates protecting female security staff in parliament

Malika Shahid
08 February 2023, MVT 21:36
Female security trying to remove two male parliament members from the parliament chambers: The scene of female security personnel attempting to remove MP's have been heavily crticized
Malika Shahid
08 February 2023, MVT 21:36

Meedhoo MP Rozaina Adam has said she would propose amending the parliament's procedures to prevent female security personnel from forcibly removing male members of parliament.

MP Rozaina said the female security forces should not have to remove male MPs from the parliament chambers.

She condemned the defamation and abuse on of the female security personnel on social media over the incident in parliament on Monday.

On Monday, female security forces had to remove Maavashu MP Mohamed Saeed and Felidhoo MP Ibrahim Fazul Rasheed during the opening session of the parliament after Speaker Mohamed Nasheed called them to leave the chamber for causing disruptions.

The Maldivian social networks took the footage of the female security personnel attempting to remove MP Saeed from the chamber floor and made distasteful parody songs using it.

"They have done nothing with the intention of touching the male MP's. They have only acted on the instructions given to them by their superiors," MP Rozaina said.

Noting that few women work as female security guards, MP Rozaina said it is unacceptable to defame those in such fields with false rumours. This is a huge challenge for women working in these fields, she said.

"The general rule in police, customs, and immigration is policemen will pat down or arrest males and policewomen will pat down or arrest females," she said.

She said what happened in parliament on Monday was outside usual protocols and called to stop embarrassing and defaming the the female security personnel.

Addressing this issue, MP Rozaina said that she would propose to make amendments to the parliament procedures to provide protection to female security staff in such situations.