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Tech Minister pushes for cyberspace protection bill

Mohamed Rehan
04 October 2022, MVT 21:46
Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Technology Ms. Aminath Shauna, spoke on the importance of cyberspace protection--
Mohamed Rehan
04 October 2022, MVT 21:46

A bill on cyberspace protection, cyber crime and government's digital services is currently on the works. Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Technology Ms. Aminath Shauna made the confirmation, that such a bill was currently being formulated.

The minister made confirmation of the new development while speaking at the ceremony held to launch the "National Cyber Security Awareness Month" initiative. The minister claims a special digital action plan was formulated on the back of the National Resilience and Recovery and Strategic Action plans.

The plan aimed to foster digital progress and inclusivity, and enhancement of security in the cyberspace.

Minister Shauna affirms a bill on cyber-crime, cyber security, privacy and data protection was currently formulated to be submitted to the national legislative.

Speaking about the importance of cyber security and prevention of cyber crime, the minister made highlights of past instances where digital infrastructures of notable local companies were exposed to external attacks.

The minister made emphasis on protecting digital infrastructure to ensure preservation of critical or sensitive information pertaining to the public or government interest. She noted on creating safety dragnets to minimize instances of cyber attacks and hacking were importance at a technologically interlinked age.

Her sentiments were echoed by Vice President of Maldives Mr. Faisal Naseem, who asserted swift action was required to ensure digital and cyberspace protection. He further pointed to possible adverse scenarios if the policymakers or relevant bodies failed to act at the opportune moment, stating such delays may incur additional expenses to create safety parameters.

In line with the cyber security awareness month, the ministry launched a 'Cyber Space Maldives' campaign which include seven training programs, three panel discussions and a total of 16 awareness sessions.

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