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CROSSROADS Maldives welcoming visitors for "Bodu Eid Foari"

Rabeeha Amir
07 July 2022, MVT 18:10
CROSSROADS Maldives Bodu Eid Foari Event will kickstart on the 9th for a three day long event --Photo: Crossroadsmaldives.
Rabeeha Amir
07 July 2022, MVT 18:10

CROSSROADS Maldives is excited to welcome visitors with their curated three-day plan "Bodu Eid Foari". With proximity to the capital, the largest lifestyle hub of the Maldives, the resort makes an ideal choice to celebrate in style. Bodu Eid Foari will kick off on 9th July and is scheduled as an ongoing event till 11th July.

The special Eid festivities in time for Eid-al-Adha incorporate cultural celebrations tweaked into the modern way to create the right mix of festive spirit. Three days of festivities will provide a glimpse into how Maldivians celebrate Eid.

The distinctive Bodumas Parade, which tells the folktale of two fishermen using magic or "fanditha" to catch a big fish, and Kodi Kendun Dheli Maali Parade, starring ash covered dancers surrounded by palm leaves are some depictions of ancestral Eid gatherings.

On 9th July visitors can start their day with a delicious Eid lunch at The Marina's Bean / Co. or Kalhu Odi restaurant, the first fine-dining restaurant dedicated to local cuisine. Beach games and a Bodumas parade will kick off cultural events, commonly known as "Eid Kulhivaru," and an Eid Show at The Beach Club will round off the day.

Day two can be spent on the beach enjoying water sports at the famous Hard Rock Café Beach. The Koadi Kendun with Dheli Maali Parade will be the primary event and begin in the late afternoon. Similar to day one, the evening will be capped off with an Eid show at The Beach Club.

The final day of the Eid celebrations is devoted to letting tourists and on-site guests of both resorts to enjoy an Eid-style street market with a variety of food stalls and pop-up entertainment all evening long. The multi-island leisure center, the first of its kind in the Maldives, is amped to celebrate the awaited Eid holidays with locals, in-house guests and expatriates.

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