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Four identified for "suspicious behaviour" at crime scene: CP Hameed

Nafaahath Ibrahim
07 May 2021, MVT 15:13
Police speak to the press after the attack on former President Mohamed Nasheed. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB
Nafaahath Ibrahim
07 May 2021, MVT 15:13

Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed on Friday revealed that four people were identified and flagged for "suspicious behaviour" from the crime scene of the explosion that injured former President and Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed along with four others.

During a press conference held at Iskandhar Building, the Police Commissioner stated that they are working to identify the suspects and urged the public to share any information they may have related to the case. He requested any photographs, videos or other tips to be sent to 9704000, and assured anonymity for those who sent information.

Noting that the investigation was still ongoing, Police declined to give details of the "suspicious behaviour" displayed by the suspects that got them flagged.

"The investigation is still at an early stage. This is a terrorist attack and since last night the Police are working to find those responsible for it," said CP Hameed.

He revealed that they did not receive any intelligence related to the attack carried out near the former Presidents residence. But, he assured that they were working to identify why the intelligence was not received and added that a "postmortem" would need to be done.

Although it was declared a terrorist attack, Hameed stated that they a motive for this has not been identified yet, based on the details available thus far. He added that Police did not receive any information that this was carried out by a foreign organization.

Furthermore, Hameed said that they have accepted that individuals capable of such violence are present in the country. Some are in jail and others have managed to evade jail due to lack of evidence and are present within the society. Hence, he said that the Police have been working hard to maintain safety.

Speaking about the explosive used in the attack, Assistance Commissioner Mohamed Riyaz who also took part in the press meeting said that investigations do no indicate that military-grade explosives were used.

He said that Police have information related to the motorcycle that used for the explosion, but noted that this was as far as they could reveal to the media for now.

Stating that over 450 offices are active in the investigation and assured that the case was given the highest priority.

Moreover, Police said that the preliminary findings of the investigation were shared with Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem earlier on Friday morning. Hameed said that the investigation was ongoing with legal counsel from PG.

Police concluded by saying that they are continuing with the investigation and that they will be providing the media and public with information as soon as possible.