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Peak tourism season is arriving; what festivities can be expected?

Ribakova Elena
20 October 2021, MVT 16:55
Maldives becomes a Top Favorite Festive Destination! Image curtesy Soneva Jani Resort
Ribakova Elena
20 October 2021, MVT 16:55

October is heading towards a wrap up while November is prepared to welcome us. The Maldives tourism industry is about to experience ‘peak season’ and tourists from across the world are expected to flock in heavy numbers to get away from the winter’s cold.

The winter and snow are all great, but it might not be what these travelers are looking to experience every year. Perhaps they aim to indulge in a little bit more sunlight and that eventually takes them searching across travel sites to pick destinations that promise sun, sand and sea.

Maldives becomes a top favorite among many travelers for a variety of reasons. One major reason is the festive season offerings from major tourist resorts across the country.

Holidaymakers can expect their Christmas holidays as well as the new year’s celebrations while being nestled amid tropical vegetation instead of the busy and bustling metropolitans that they have called home for years. Many high-end resorts in the Maldives offer festive activities for the grown-ups as well as the kids who are seeking some fun and frolics in their holiday season.

While these festive activities differ from resort to resort, many of these activities include island-wide treasure hunts which the travelers can engage in groups or with their families. Excursion trips ranging from snorkeling safaris to sunset cruises that will take them across the pristine Indian ocean seas while the sun’s rays glitter across the surface of the salty waters.

Movies made specially for the holiday season are great in its numbers and Hollywood has produced several iconic holiday movies.

As such, many of these resorts will offer open theater movie nights where the guests can enjoy iconic holiday classics such as A Christmas Carol, The Grinch among other favorites while sipping on some nice cocktails and enjoying the movie under the clear skies; resting their feet in the sand while comfortably ‘thrown’ into a cushion bag.

Travelers can easily check up for festive season offerings when they are booking for tourist resorts in the Maldives. It becomes easy for the holidaymakers to pick a destination based on what type of festive activities they are looking for.

But one thing is certain; there is something exciting awaiting in these resorts amid the festive season, for everyone!