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MFDA prohibits use of 15 medicines produced by a Thai company

MFDA has taken action to prevent the import of 15 medicines into Maldives and has prohibited use of these medicine for Maldivians travelling in Thailand following findings indicating the drugs contains dangerous chemicals.

Aishath Shuba Solih
12 June 2024, MVT 10:47
Some medicine manufactured by Seven Stars Pharmaceutical Co.
Aishath Shuba Solih
12 June 2024, MVT 10:47

Maldives Food and Drug Authority (MFDA) has urged Maldivian travelers in Thailand to cease use of 15 types of medicines produced by a Thai medicine manufacturer.

MFDA stated that the Thailand's Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) had informed that certain drugs manufactured by licensed Thai company, Seven Stars Pharmaceutical Co. has been found to contain dangerous chemicals in Sorbitol, an excipient used to manufacture the drug.

These 15 medicines are excluded from the approved Maldivian drug list.

However, caution was advised regardless given the occasional import of medicine for personal use as well as Thailand being a popular destination for healthcare treatment by Maldivians, said MFDA.

15 types of prohibited medicine

1. Carbosol Syrup.

2. Startec Syrup

3. Parastar Suspension

4. Fatec Syrup

5. Cetaphen Syrup

6. Co-trimoxazole Mixture

7. Kressbufen Suspension

8. Domperstar Suspension

9. Kresstrim Suspension

10. Kresscolet Syrup

11. Kresstec Syrup

12. Kressbroxol Syrup

13. Startifen Syrup

14. Ibustar Suspension

15.Domperkress Syrup

Thai authorities have ordered the removal of contaminated batches of these fifteen medicine from their pharmacies as well.

MFDA has further warned that regular port checks and inspections will be carried out with special care during the import of prescribed medicines to ensure the safety of citizens and control the import of these drugs.

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