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MNDF locates lost boat; all three persons safe

Mariyath Mohamed
20 April 2024, MVT 17:50
MNDF Air Corps military drone being used in today's search operation.
Mariyath Mohamed
20 April 2024, MVT 17:50

The fishing boat that set sail from Meemu atoll Maduvvari and went missing with three people on board has been located by MNDF just outside Meemu atoll Raiymandhoo.

MNDF confirmed that all three people on board the vessel are safe and in good health.

MNDF said that the vessel, 'Farihi 2', was found through collaborative search efforts on air and sea by Air Corps with the use of their military UAV (drone) and Coast Guard patrolling vessels.

"We found the vessel 23 nautical miles outside Meemu Atoll Raiymandhoo. It's engine had stopped working. The three people aboard the vessel are safe," MNDF informed the media.

This is the first search and rescue operation MNDF has conducted with the use of the military drones.

The diving boat had been reported missing at around 23:30 hrs yesterday, with the MNDF having commenced search operations then.

The three persons aboard the vessel were from Kaafu atoll Maafushi who went to Maduvvari, where they went fishing on a vessel from the island.

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