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Will prioritize national interest in legal advice to President: Attorney General Usham

Mariyath Mohamed
29 February 2024, MVT 17:59
Attorney General Ahmed Usham.
Mariyath Mohamed
29 February 2024, MVT 17:59

Attorney General Ahmed Usham has said that in providing legal advice to the President, he will place special emphasis on prioritizing national interest.

In a post on social media X, Usham said that he had always maintained that counting parliament member total as amounting to 80 is unconstitutional, adding that the Supreme Court had confirmed his legal opinion as being accurate today.

"It is not acceptable for the branches of the State to always squabble. All of these entities must make decisions in a manner that abides by the Constitution and laws and prioritizes the interests of the nation and its citizens. As I offer the President legal advice, these are the principles I will hold to," the Attorney General stated.

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu stated earlier today that he has appealed for advice from the Attorney General following today's Supreme Court ruling which stated that the Parliament's amendments to regulations changing method of counting quorum is unconstitutional, but that no action can be taken as the parliament has since revoked said articles.

He alleged that even though the Supreme Court has ruled today that counting the total parliamentarian number as 80 is in contravention of the Constitution, the parliament had applied this total member count when voting to pass the amendments to the General Elections Act postponing the upcoming parliamentary elections.

"So I have asked for legal advice from the Attorney General, and I will only then will I proceed. That is because this involves the rights of so many citizens. I always want to pay close attention to making sure I am abiding by the Constitution and laws. The Constitution and laws are established for the benefit of all Maldivian citizens," the President said then.