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Police find additional weapons in relation to Addu assault

Mohamed Rehan
10 December 2023, MVT 09:35
Maldives Police Service strengthened the security of Addu City and increased patrolling to cull any future altercations--
Mohamed Rehan
10 December 2023, MVT 09:35

Maldives Police Service reports confiscating additional weapons tied to the gang-related violence in Addu atoll Hithadhoo, on Friday, last week.

Police launched special operations following the assault which led to a second attack on Sunday, last week.

Authorities stated that their crackdown on the 'Usgandu' beach area, a frequent venue for gangs to gather, revealed several weapons, face masks, and clothes. Police disclosed they discovered these items concealed in various spots in the beach area.

Maldives Police further confirmed that it had confiscated all suspicious items discovered from the beach.

Addu Police Station launched a joint operation with collaborative efforts from the South Police Division's Serious Crime Cell and Specialist Operations.

During their patrol on Thursday, authorities had discovered additional weapons as well.

Police have arrested a total of 11 individuals for their suspected connection to the assault. Court has already remanded some of the suspects until their trials concluded.

The series of gang-related altercations began when one gang sprayed graffiti on top of the graffiti done by another gang earlier. Tensions between the two groups escalated quickly, resulting in the assault on Friday that left a 30-year-old individual badly injured from stab wounds.

In retaliation, another individual was stabbed at their residence in Addu City on Sunday, last week.

While the two individuals injured have received medical treatment. The victim in serious condition has been transferred to Malé City for medical treatment.

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