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Villijoali celebrates 7 year anniversary with 'Mee Aharemen'

Ruby Amir
23 August 2023, MVT 15:34
Members of Villijoali during the 'Mee Aharemen' event held in celebration of the 7th year anniversary of the NGO -- Photo: Villijoali
Ruby Amir
23 August 2023, MVT 15:34

Villijoali, aiming to cultivate an inclusive, resilient, and caring community, commenced its transformative journey in Villimalé.

Expanding beyond Villimalé, this initiative has evolved to include not only the local community but also the Greater Malé region, drawing together like-minded volunteers united by shared objectives.

Aligned with its mission, Villijoali nurtures a meaningful sense of community through its signature Friday social gatherings.

"Villijoali is a space where I feel a sense of belonging, and this is something that an NGO strives for – to foster this sense of belonging and togetherness," Vice President of Villijoali, Mariyam Ashfa Hamdi said.

These gatherings go beyond simple social interactions; they embody the core principles of unity and common goals. At times, attendees come together to share meals and forming bonds that remain long after the gatherings end. On different occasions, the emphasis turns to productive discussions, skill-enhancing workshops, and community cleanup efforts. Chief Volunteer, Mohamed Shihab said, “Villijoali is the most impactful experience I've had in over 40 years of volunteering and community involvement.”

One of the artworks displayed during the 'Mee Aharemen' event held in celebration of the 7th year anniversary of Villijoali -- Photo: Villijoali

Within this tightly-knit NGO, a source of unwavering support takes the form of a monthly parent support group, providing comfort and advice to individuals raising children with disabilities. The NGO's Secretary, Bathool, said, “The Villijoali community has been my family. Over the years, this community has played a crucial role in shaping me into a self-assured leader. Villijoali has significantly contributed to my personal growth.”

Despite its small scale, Villijoali tirelessly pursues its mission, utilizing its resources for maximum impact. The primary objective to create an unbreakable bond of unity, where mutual assistance thrives, and the combined voice of marginalized individuals echoes with unwavering strength.

Exco member Emeela shared, “Villijoali is my ideal support system. The leadership qualities that people observe in me today were nurtured by Villijoali. I am immensely proud to be a part of it.”

Over the years, the NGO has earned a coveted seat during stakeholder assemblies, engaging in discussions that includes governance, civic responsibility, and environmental conservation.

To celebrate its 7th anniversary, Villijoali organized an art exhibition called 'Mee Aharemen' in Villimalé on August 18. The artworks were thoughtfully displayed along strings tied to trees by the beach, with sunlight enhancing the colors and meanings of each piece. The event highlighted the community's abundant talents and encouraged volunteers of all ages to join in the joyful celebration of the NGO's anniversary. Through such transformative gatherings, Villijoali continues to exemplify a strong sense of community and shared goals.

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