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Immigration Controller "Hanafi" rescinds support for JP, aligns with Pres Solih

Anaan Bushry
21 March 2023, MVT 18:08
Hanafy / JP
Anaan Bushry
21 March 2023, MVT 18:08

Immigration Controller Mohamed Ahmed Hussain (Hanafi), who was appointed as an advisor to Jumhooree Party (JP) leader Qasim Ibrahim last night, has left the party today instead of accepting the offer.

Ahmed Hussain, who has been with JP since the beginning, has reportedly decided to continue with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih for the upcoming presidential election. However, he has yet to comment on the matter.

In a letter to Qasim, Hussain said he does not believe that JP's ideology is now in the best interest of the country. That is the reason he decided to quit JP effective immediately, the letter allegedly said.

"I believe my time as a member of JP was spent providing sincere service to the party, and I thank you for the closeness you have shown me as a party leader during my time as a JP member," he had said.

At the last JP congress, which was held this year, Hussain ran for deputy leader of the party. However, he did not win the election.

There are several high-ranking JP members in the current administration who have not yet publicly aligned with any side. So far from the JP, Hussain and a Minister at the President's Office, Ahmed Sameer, are the only people to announce their decisions. They both aligned with the incumbent President.

Meanwhile, the JP Congress had decided to contest in the election on its own, or by forming a coalition led by its leader. Qasim has already started discussions with various political parties. The party's council has granted Qasim full authority to negotiate a coalition.

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