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EPA fines a barge boat USD 4 million for damaging a reef

Lamya Abdulla
10 December 2021, MVT 05:58
Barge boat Marine Power 2317 that ran aground in 2019 --
Lamya Abdulla
10 December 2021, MVT 05:58

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) fines barge boat "Marine Power 2317" MVR 61.6 million (USD 4 million) which ran aground on Noomaraa reef of Shaviyani atoll in 2019.

The barge boat brought to a development project in Noomaraa ran aground in October 2019.

In a press release published by EPA on Wednesday the agency stated surveys showed that the incident damaged 1,632 square meters of the Noomaraa Reef.

The owner of the barge boat was therefore fined MVR 61,681,316 (USD 3,993,363).

EPA has informed their Maldivian agent Rohof Private Limited that the fine has to be paid within a 30 day period.

Removal of the sunken pieces of the barge boat in addition to refloating it was completed in November 2021.

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