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119kg drug case: sufficient evidence to convict all accused, Police say

MPS stated that their investigation into the smuggling of 119 kilograms of drugs into the Maldives proves that all accused individuals can be convicted.

Uzma Naseem
04 April 2024, MVT 17:06
Drugs seized by the police in the case. -- Photo: Mihaaru
Uzma Naseem
04 April 2024, MVT 17:06

Maldives Police Service (MPS) has announced that their investigation into the smuggling of 119 kilograms of drugs into the Maldives was conducted to the extent that enough evidence to convict all accused individuals have been gathered.

On December 12, 2021, three individuals were apprehended for smuggling 119 kilograms of drugs into the country. They are:

- Ali Zubair from Gaafu Dhaalu Hoandeddhoo ‘Guleynooranmaage’

- Ahmed Sunain from Gaafu Dhaalu Hoandeddhoo ‘Irumatheege’

- Ahmed Mujahid from Gaafu Dhaalu Hoandeddhoo ‘Allora’

Zubair was convicted in the case. However, the Criminal Court acquitted Sunain and Mujahid. A fourth individual was also involved in the case, however, he fled the country before his arrest.

Police held a press conference today during which they shared a detailed video report regarding the investigation.

In the report, MPS released details of how 119 kilograms of drugs were smuggled into Male’, how the accused individuals tried to store the drugs and how the police gathered evidence related to the case.

“We believe that the investigation provides sufficient evidence to convict the four individuals involved in the case,” Chief Superintendent of MPS Ahmed Shakir said to reporters.

Crucial evidence, yet court refused to issue order to access phones

While the Court ruling states taht police did not include a report containing details of the accused individuals’ phones, Shakir said they requested the Criminal Court to issue an order allowing them to obtain passwords for the phones, but they refused to do so.

“As a general rule, no hearing is held when such an order is issued. However, due to the sensitivity of the case, we requested a hearing and processing of the request, but it was not granted”, Shakir said. “The Criminal Court decided that there was no basis to issue such an order”.

According to him, they appealed the case at the High Court with hopes of better results. The High Court ruled that the Criminal Court’s decision was incorrect, however, the High Court also did not grant them the opportunity to retrieve the phone passwords.

“There was no debate in the lower courts and consequently, the High Court will not consider it. Given this circumstance, there will be no further debate”, Shakir said.

Speaking on the matter, Chief Inspector Ahmed Waheed, Head of the Drug Trafficking Department, stated that the three accused were remanded in custody pending trial. However, Mujahid, who was involved in the case, was released from custody by the Criminal Court on the grounds that the case was delayed due to the absence of a permanent judge.

The High Court overturned the decision and remanded him in custody again.

Waheed said the State had said in court as well that Zubair was intending to bear full responsibility for the entire case of smuggling 119 kilograms of drugs into the country, and events unfolded exactly in this manner with Zubair being the sole individual convicted in connection to the case.

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