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Elections cannot be delayed : Ibu

Lujine Rasheed
06 August 2018, MVT 15:44
Coalition ibu solih IN th.guraidhoo
Lujine Rasheed
06 August 2018, MVT 15:44

Leader of Opposition Coalition Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu) vehemently states that the upcoming 23 September elections cannot be delayed.

As part of the MDP campaign trail, the party is currently canvassing Thaa Atoll.

Ibu, while speaking at the Vilufushi MDP campaign office, assured that the many efforts made by the government to stall the upcoming elections would not be successful.

"The government will try to tamper with the voting results. We won't let it happen!", affirmed Ibu, addressing a large number of the opposition coalition supporters.

Asserting the importance of democratic notions and procedure, Ibu stated that the results of any election should be accurately reported by the Elections Commission (EC) in accordance to the decision of the voters.

"The duty of EC is strictly to tally and announce the votes accurately meeting the decision of the people", said Ibu.

Discussing the pledges of the opposition coalition and the party's plans for the development of the country, Ibu fiercely stated that the congestion of Male is not the answer for development, further pledging that an MDP government wouldl develop two more areas similar to Male city.

Speaking to the people of Vilufushi, Ibu pledged to provide housing for the victims of the Tsunami disaster, stating that he wished to provide housing solutions from the reclaimed land of the island.

Being that Thaa Atoll encompasses several uninhabited islands, Ibu highlighted the potential for tourism expansion within the atoll, pledging to facilitate hospitality investments should the coalition government succeed in the upcoming presidential elections.