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Male' City Council seek interested parties to operate taxis in Vilimale'

Mohamed Rehan
05 October 2022, MVT 17:30
Vilimale' buggy service; Male' City Council seeks additional party to provide the services in the village island-- Photo: Mihaaru
Mohamed Rehan
05 October 2022, MVT 17:30

Male' City Council is seeking an additional third-party contractor to provide taxi services in the island of Vilimale'.

The announcement was made on Tuesday, October 4.

The council is seeking for interested parties to provide battery vehicle taxi services, that stays in line with eco-friendly practices. The council identifies the prioritizing environmentally friendly options in providing public transport service.

Interested parties are expected to provide bids before October 17.

Moreover, the council confirms eligible proponents must be locally owned companies, partnerships or local investments, or permitted businesses.

Earlier, the council decided to launch taxi services in Vilimale' under its own management. The authority announced seeking eco-friendly vehicles to launch the service.

A local venture, "99 Holdings" is currently contracted with providing the service in Vilimale'. However, the council recently voiced their displeasure towards the company's conduct.

The council lodged a legal action to cancel the contract, at the Civil Court of Maldives.

Civil Court however, found the company was not legally obligated to vacate their operations venue in Vilimale' under the time frame provided by the council. The council had demanded the company to vacate its operating ground within a seven-day period.

Civil Court released an injunction on the matter in favor of the company, earlier on August 31.

99 Holdings has since addressed the issues surrounding the case. The company claims the council has failed to fulfill its end of the contractually agreed responsibilities; which includes identifying and informing official buggy routes.

Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation had spoken in favor of the company, noting negligence in part of the council.

In addition to finding a third-party to contract with taxi services, City Council is also seeking an additional party to develop buggy charging stations.

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