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EPA to take action on issuing same EIA assessment for multiple projects

22 September 2022, MVT 14:34
Aerial view depicting one of two semi-enclosed mangroves in Farukolhu, Shaviyani Atoll. -- Photo: Environment Ministry
22 September 2022, MVT 14:34

The Environmental Protection Agency has implemented policies to prevent the same evaluation from being released for more than one project.

The EPA has recommended environmental consultants not to submit the same EIA report for several projects in the revisions made to the standards.

The agency's "Environment Impact Assessment Guidelines," which are intended to reduce environmental concerns in development projects, have been challenged, leading to the amendments made to the laws. However, EPA has not made clear what adjustments are made specifically.

EPA has also cautioned that such application forms will not be submissible and that the agency has been adhering to these standards since last month.

One permit, however, may be used for many projects of the same scale provided the environmental impact is determined to be minimal.

The lack of actionable response from development projects to EIA conclusions has come under scrutiny.

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