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Male' City Council to transform Vilimale' beach to picnic spot

Mohamed Rehan
20 July 2022, MVT 12:09
Male' City Mayor made the announcement for Vilimale' picnic venue during the special meeting held by the authority for Greater Male' residents, on July 19 -- Photo: Fayaz Moosa / Mihaaru
Mohamed Rehan
20 July 2022, MVT 12:09

Male' City Council announces plans to transform Vilimale' beach into a picnic venue with state-of-the-art sophistication.

The initiative was announced by Male' City Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu during the special meeting, confirming the decision was originally due to the area's popularity among residents of Greater Male' Region.

The project scope includes development of a barbeque-grilling area, new public toilets, chairs and tables for picnic goers.

In addition to this, the picnic zone will be developed with keen consideration to special-needs people. Male' City Council will reportedly develop a special ramp for special-needs people or wheelchair-bound individuals granting them easy access to a specific portion of the shore.

The mayor further confirms inclusion of developing ten 'day rooms' for picnic goers in the area, noting they are specific for day-use only.

He also affirms completion of project components, with the exception of day-room development within the following six-months period.

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