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34 workers have not returned the over-deposited money: Finance Ministry

Lamya Abdulla
21 September 2021, MVT 14:45
(FILE) Money is being withdrawn from a BML ATM: 32 workers had received less than their salaries -- Photo: Mihaaru
Lamya Abdulla
21 September 2021, MVT 14:45

Thirty-two workers in the health sector has not returned the money that was over-deposited into their accounts along with their salaries due to a technical error in August.

Finance Ministry said on Monday they would deduct the over deposited amount from their salaries moving forward.

According to the ministry, the error had lead to 1,796 workers in the health sector to receive more money than their set salaries in August while 34 workers received less. They have fixed the issue for the workers that received less money, and handed over the correct amount.

Nearly MVR 70,000 were deposited in some accounts due to this accident. The ministry has organised their records to ensure such an error would not be repeated.

It came to their notice a day after the money had been deposited that an error had occured. They immediately started working on rectifying the issue.

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