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Opposition submits emergency motion to investigate sudden death of inmate

Lamya Abdulla
14 September 2021, MVT 14:02
(FILE) MP Adam Shareef talks in parliament: he has submitted an emergency motion to investigate death of an inmate as his family accuses the state of negligence -- Photo: Parliament
Lamya Abdulla
14 September 2021, MVT 14:02

Opposition submits an emergency motion to the parliament over the sudden death of an inmate in Hulhumale' Jail on Monday evening.

Mohamed Aslam, 40, from Gaafu Alifu atoll Vaadhoo was serving a three year jail sentence in Hulhumale' Jail when he suddenly passed away.

As his family is accusing that Aslam's death was caused due to negligence, Parliament representation for Maduvvari constituency Adam Shareef Umar submitted a motion calling for an investigation into his death.

Adam Shareef said that Aslam's family have accusing that his passing was not informed to them.

Aslam was taken to the Hulhumale' Hospital as he was sick and passed away there around 5:00 pm. Adam Shareef said his family has said they were informed of his death several hours after the matter though, around 7:00 pm.

When his family had found out Aslam was being treated in the hospital, officers from Maldives Corrections Services only confirmed it when his family asked, they said. They had not confirmed his death for several hours, despite their requests for updates.

All 24 members that had participated in this vote had accepted the sudden motion, and the discussion have now started on this issue.