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STO introduces Matex line of Nippon Paints

Mohamed Rehan
13 August 2022, MVT 12:15
STO introduces Matex line of Nippon Paints-- Photo: STO
Mohamed Rehan
13 August 2022, MVT 12:15

State Trading Organization (STO) on Thursday, August 11, introduced a new line of paint products for local consumers.

The largest state-owned enterprise introduced the Nippon Matex, specific towards construction agents affiliated with STO.

The product line was introduced by STO Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Hussain Amru and the Senior Manager, Business Development and Exports of Nippon Paints Mr. Henry Ang.

STO made highlights on the specifics of the new product, which include;

- Convenient container size: 7 x 20 meters

- Instant-use paint

- Applies or hard or rigid surfaces: cement, concrete, ceilings and plaster walls

- Matte finish

- Water-based and does not contain lead or mercury

The first line of the Matex product range introduced by STO include the product's "Shades of White" catalogue.

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